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Our Vision

To support the San peoples to grow and develop to the extent to which they can take permanent control over their lives, resources and destiny and harness with pride their unique heritage

Our Mission

To manage the South African San Institute, which is an independent, non-government organization that mobilizes resources for the benefit of the San peoples. The values of integrity, trust, service, appreciation and continuous learning are to be upheld within the SASI organization. ”
We do this through initiatives such as:

  • Community mobilization¬†¬†
  • Project fundraising
  • Lobbying and networking¬†
  • Training and capacity building
  • Cultural, heritage and language development
  • Health and social development
  • Income generating programmes
  • Promotion of rights
Our Objectives
  1. To promote the interests of the
  2. To strive for the revival and
    promotion of the cultural identity and heritage of the San peoples of Southern Africa.
  3. To promote the social development
    of the San communities to improve their quality of life.
  4. To promote sustained economic
    development, but not at the expense of the cultural identity and heritage of the San people.
  5. To cooperate with other
    organizations who share and identify with the vision and ideals of SASI.
  6. To facilitate the coordination of
    the San community in order to engage meaningfully with other organizations to promote their sustained development.
  7. To raise sufficient donor and
    other funding and maintain an efficient administration in order to achieve the above vision and objectives.
In Memorium

Ouma Anna Aenki
van Rooi Kassie

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